About ASPIRE Academy

Our mission at ASPIRE Academy is to foster a life-long love of learning and to enhance the qualities and gifts children already are born with, to further develop and prepare children to be the best versions of themselves. At ASPIRE we strive to develop a strong academic foundation and a repertoire of life skills in each of our students, preparing all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable and green future. We are dedicated to helping children discover their abilities, find their independence and develop their self-confidence through diverse real-world experiences.

Our Philosophy
• At ASPIRE we believe children have an innate desire to explore, which should be fostered through relevant hands-on learning experiences.
• We believe that children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. Our Teachers respect each child and are committed to guiding each student on his own individual path in development.
• We believe in instilling an appreciation of the Natural World. At ASPIRE we value the outdoor environment as a way to cultivate the child’s inborn appreciation of
nature and human beings’ age-old role as stewards of the natural world.
• We believe character development is very important. At ASPIRE, peace and conflict resolution are practiced daily as children learn to be part of a warm, respectful, and supportive community.
• We believe that education is a partnership between families, parents, and the child. The consistency of following a similar philosophy at home will help the child develop independence and competence, leading to self-confidence.

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